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Brewery invests in highly productive and innovative solution


The Bavaria brewery in Lieshout is the second largest brewery in The Netherlands with annual production output of around six million hectolitres. A new system has to palletise around 100,000 cans of beer per hour. These are presented in up to 80 different pack variants and critical to the system’s productivity is to have little or no change over time, which could take place several times per day.


With a history of delivering robotic handling solutions, Dutch system integrator and YASKAWA partner, Robertpack, was approached. The beer cans are fed into the system via two conveyors. Four MOTOMAN MH50 robots pick up the cans on-the-fly which arrive as plastic-wrapped packs of 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 24 or 30 cans. The cans always have the same diameter, but the volume ranges from 0.33, 0.4 and 0.5 litres. These four robots distribute the individual packs onto three, six or nine conveyor belts, depending on the variant to three palletising stations, each equipped with a MOTOMAN MPL160 robot. These robots pick up the products from a maximum of three of the nine conveyors and stack them onto a pallet at record breaking speed. Each palletising robot is assisted by a smaller MPL80 palletising robot at its side, which is only used for packaging variants that require a cardboard insert between the individual layers.


“The performance of the system, which works around the clock, is impressive. The speed and reliability of all ten MOTOMAN robots is spectacular”, according to Mr Dirk Franken, Managing Director of Robertpack. “In the 1st station, we achieve 100% process reliability, which means that there is no need for an off-load station for packages that have not been gripped.” Each of the large MPL160 palletising robots can pick up a maximum of 72 individual cans irrespective of the packaging variant. The key to the design of the universal gripper is its flexibility using sophisticated mechanical and pneumatic components. System change-over could not be simpler and can be implemented with the touch of a button on the system control panel. Both Bavaria and Robertpack are delighted with the overall performance of the system. It is no coincidence that only MOTOMAN robots are used in the system. For one thing, a wide range of different MOTOMAN robots have been successfully in operation at Bavaria for many years. The Dutch company is not only convinced by the reliability, but also by the performance of the robots from YASKAWA. A further advantage of the YASKAWA machines is their very low operating costs, which is the reason why Bavaria is continuing to rely exclusively on MOTOMAN robots.

Brewery invests in highly productive and innovative solution


Short Facts


Bavaria Brewery


Pre-packed cans of beer


The Netherlands

Installation Year



Food & beverage


Picking, packing and palletising

System Components

4 x MOTOMAN MH50 robots
3 x MOTOMAN MPL160 robots
3 x MOTOMAN MH80 robots
Dedicated gripper units
Conveyor system
System control


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