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Flexible robotic coating for varied component geometries


The French company Remorques Rolland is a leading European manufacturer of trailers and dumpers for the agricultural industry. To accommodate an increasing number of orders and constant demand for higher quality, the French manufacturer needed a powder coating system that could handle all possible component geometries.


Five MOTOMAN PX painting robots form the core of the new powder coating system that was designed, constructed and implemented by Haden Drysys France SA. Because dumpers and trailers can be as long as 9 meters and up to 2.5 meters wide and 3 meters high, the robots were needed to provide maximum flexibility and to be able to spray all possible component geometries and sizes. The arrangement, selection and design of the painting robots were all significant in guaranteeing the efficiency required of the system. Therefore the various robot combinations were first simulated and checked using a MOTOMAN 3D simulation tool. In order for all the areas of the largest trailer to be coated, i.e. the inside, outside and underside, the components are transported continuously by a chain conveyor through the painting booth. The course of the chain conveyor speed including the synchronous robot movements was also simulated based on the variable conveyor speed. The system included two PX2850 painting robots on a 2500 mm high base and another two PX2850 robots on an 800 mm high base. These are supplemented by a PX2050 for painting the underside. Each of the PX painting robots is equipped with a two-stream powder gun including powder preparation from Sames Corporation. The chain conveyor speed is forwarded to the painting robots by an encoder (conveyor function). This ensures that the powder spray is always applied with consistent thickness based on the speed of the robot movements and the amount of powder being applied (managed by the PX robot).


The powder coating system has been operating two shifts a day since February 2005. Rolland’s new powder coating system is extremely flexible, fully automated and provides a consistent level of high quality from the biggest dumper to the smallest component.

Flexible robotic coating for varied component geometries


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