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Flexible automation for production of ABS plastic panels


Dura Automotive Body & Glass Systems GmbH makes front and rear doors for the Ford Focus and Ford C-Max (B-pillar and C-pillar), and wanted to automate the application of a melted butyl adhesive onto the ABS plastic panels.


MOTOMAN created a solution based on a UP20 robot with a built-in dosing head, where the robot is used to apply a butyl adhesive to the plastic panels. The operator manually puts the panels in the specific part carrier. The coded carriers are designed so they can be replaced quickly using a plug-in system. The coding selects the right programme for the device automatically, and the panels are automatically transferred into the robot working area on the turntable. The robot now applies the butyl on three sides of the panels. at the top and opposite the wrap-arounds. Adhesive is only applied to the back of the panels. The sealing bead on the panel must be positioned with an accuracy of 0,3 mm, and the thickness must be accurate to within ± 0,2mm. The bead is applied continuously with a dosage volume that increases linearly. The sealing bead thickness can be adjusted or varied while it is being applied. The melting vats is placed immediately adjacent to the cell so it can be easily accessed from the outside, and an empty vat can be replaced without causing any major interruption.


The industrial robot saves considerable space and provides a highly compact and flexible production cell. The compact robot cell is built on a self-supporting base frame with a moveable base plate. The base frame carries the side walls, the MOTOMAN-UP20 robot and base, a motor-driven two-station positioner and the adjustment control system. The base frame enables the cell to be lifted with a fork lift so that the unit can be set up and taken down quickly to suit changing production conditions. The first system went into operation in 2005 and two more identical units followed.

Flexible automation for production of ABS plastic panels


Short Facts


Dura Automotive Body & Glass Systems GmbH


Car doors



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System Components

UP20 robot with built-in dosing head
XRC robot controller
2-station (RVE) positioner
Base frame
Enclosure, including service door
Transparent screen with mesh
Media supply per device


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